Meet the Team

Meet the LIFE:ALIGNED team who are on a mission to enhance
the life of every person who walks through the door, using their expertise and experience to create a personalised, patient-centred approach to treatment.

Meet the Team

Meet the LIFE:ALIGNED team who are on a mission to enhance
the life of every person who walks through the door, using their expertise and experience to create a personalised, patient-centred approach to treatment.

Dr Jack

After graduating with a Masters Degree in 2012, Dr. Jack’s focus has always been to improve and enhance the life of every person who walks through his door. To inspire, empower and guide people towards better function and well-being through support, encouragement, and reassurance.

He believes in a multi-dimensional approach to health and function, not solely relying on any one method but a vast array of different techniques acquired over his years in practice. No two people are the same, so neither should their care be!

His vision is for people to seek Chiropractic care out as their first choice in their healthcare needs and to recognise the spine and nervous system and its ability to control, influence and regulate the health and function of every single muscle, cell, organ and tissue in the body as the key to an optimal life.

Jack and his wife, Nicola, have two young children, William and Ada, who are his pride, joy and ever-present motivation to be the best father, husband and Chiropractor he can be. He has been fortunate enough to work with thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds, from new-born babies to the World’s Strongest Man.

In his spare time, Jack loves adventuring through the wilderness — particularly with 4 year old William in tow — photography and making a mess in his wood working shop.

His objective is to facilitate a happier, healthier, and stronger humanity.

Erica Tijssen

Life-Coach and Hypnotherapist

Coaching and Hypnotherapy is not only for when you are experiencing problems in your life. It can also be used to provide insight into other areas of your life that you may wish to manage better. 

My passion is helping you find your happiness programs and your fulfillment in life. Self-acceptance, more freedom, self-esteem and control by changing the beliefs that limit you, in multiple areas of life and multiple programs that you have built in your life.

As a hypnotherapist and life-coach, I will focus on your mental well-being and state of mind by tuning into your thought-patterns and how they influence your behavioural and coping strategies.

The treatments I provide are often a combination of the various therapies I practice in. This way, we can tailor your session with a combination of these methods in a way that suits your particular needs and will benefit you most. Our collaboration is teamwork.

To book, contact Erica directly via:


Phone:  07782 566938
or visit her website for more information:

Alicia Williams

Psychotherapist and Counsellor

Alicia is a trauma-informed Psychotherapist and Counsellor, she draws from a number of therapeutic models to suit each individual she works with. Alicia is a registered member of BACP (the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy)

“Having sought therapy myself when facing adversities, I have a profound understanding of the courage it takes to ask for help. I recognise the importance of being heard and understood, when this may not be something you are experiencing in other areas of your life. I pride myself in being attentive, empathic and holding, whilst taking a non-directive approach, enabling you autonomy in therapy, choosing the pace at which you wish to go.”

You may be experiencing anxiety, stress at work, attachment issues, or relationship difficulties, these can be as a consequence of past traumas or adverse childhood experiences. WE CAN HELP with this along with loss, trauma, depression, Neuro-diversity, narcissitic abuse, identity issues, boarding school syndrome, addictions, abuse, and disordered eating to name a few.

To book, contact Alicia directly via:

Phone (or text if this feels more comfortable):  07918 040 602
or visit her website for more information:

Ethan Paul

Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Specialist

Ethan’s journey began years ago when he first qualified as a sports massage therapist, and since then, he’s embarked on a remarkable adventure, travelling the world to expand and enrich his knowledge base.

From learning ancient techniques to mastering cutting-edge therapies, Ethan has brought together a wealth of experience and insights to create a treatment style that’s nothing short of impressive.
Ethan’s passion to learn has led him to complete training in a wide range of therapeutic modalities, including personal training, sports massage therapy, injury rehabilitation and sports coaching, and has recently expanded his repertoire to include a holistic balance of reiki and kinesiology.

His dedication to his craft and passion for helping others achieve optimal wellness is evident in every session!

Whether you’re an athlete seeking peak performance or someone simply looking to alleviate tension and enhance mobility, Ethan is here to guide you on your wellness journey. We couldn’t be more excited to have him on board!

“As someone with a hypermobile body, I have had to navigate life with all the benefits and drawbacks that this condition brings. This has led to a deeper understanding of what pain is and what the body is trying to tell us. The outcome is a philosophy which draws from a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to help you feel more at home in your body.”  –  Ethan Paul

To book, contact Ethan directly via:
Phone:  07951720692
or visit the website for more information:

Nicola Cleeve

Practice Manager

Nicola is the Practice Manager here at LIFE:ALIGNED working alongside her husband Dr Jack. Nicola previously worked for 15 years in childcare and brings experience of organisation, patience, and a warm caring welcome to the LIFE:ALIGNED team.

Nicola also helps with our social media, often acting as camera women for Dr Jacks videos! Nicola fosters a supportive environment for both staff and patients, ensuring everyone feels valued and understood. Nicola is herself an advocate for Chiropractic Care, she has found that regular adjustments over the years have helped keep back pain at bay when lifting children in her care and her own two children at home! Nicola’s background in childcare means she enjoys welcoming
children into the practice and helps to make them feel at ease before having their adjustments.

Emma Spencer

Clinic Assistant

Emma has been a patient of Dr. Jack’s since 2015. After completing a course of treatment she felt better than she had for a very long time. It was very clear to her the difference Chiropractic made in all areas of her life, helping her body to keep functioning at an optimal level, supporting both her physical and mental health.

“I am so pleased to be part of the team so you too can experience all that Chiropractic has to offer. Your journey starts at the front desk and I love greeting you and hearing your journeys too! Can’t wait to see you at your appointments!”

Mr. Daniel Howick

Senior Medical Practitioner

Delivering IV Nutrient Therapy, Medical Aesthetics, and Blood Testing. 
IV Drip Fit, a pioneering wellness service in the Bristol and South West regions, was established by Mr. Daniel Howick, our Senior Medical Practitioner renowned for his multifaceted expertise in professional sports, advanced fitness training, and nutrition.
Daniel’s inspiration to launch IV Drip Fit stemmed from his direct experiences of the remarkable benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy. His vision was to bring this cutting-edge health and wellness technology to anyone dedicated to enhancing their personal well-being and performance.


IV Nutrient Therapy: Replenish your body with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants directly into your bloodstream, boosting your overall well-being. Dan will tailor the infusion to meet your specific needs and goals.
Medical Aesthetics: Enhance your natural beauty and boost your confidence with procedures like Botox and advanced skin rejuvenation treatments. Plus, Dan’s expertise extends to pain and symptom relief, offering specific guided injections for jaw pain, headaches, and even snoring!
Blood Testing: Get insights into your body’s internal health with advanced tests covering hormone levels, thyroid function, allergies, and general health screens. Dan can tailor personalised treatment plans to address any imbalances or concerns, helping you achieve optimal health and vitality.


To book IV Therapy, click here or visit @iv_drip_fit

To book Medical Aesthetics and Blood Testing, click here or visit @lxrclinic

In pain and need help?

Are you suffering from pain, discomfort or stiffness?
Don’t suffer in silence, book now to begin your journey to a pain free life.

“I have been regularly getting adjusted by Dr. Jack for many years. Originally because of a back issue but now because it benefits my physical health as well as my mental well being. Dr Jack is so friendly and professional and I feel in safe hands always.”
– Emma

“Highly recommend a visit to Jack. He made a huge difference to my overall health and reduced my back pain significantly after the first visit!”
– Nicola

“I have a chronic autoimmune disease which leaves me in pain and with mobility issues it effects all my body systems and mental health yet Dr. Jack has helped me manage these symptoms and regain control over my life leaving me stronger, fitter and happier. :)”
– Spencer

“I started seeing Dr. Jack after having weekly migraines from neck and back pain. Jack has really helped me with the pain. I now get adjusted regularly as I know how much better I feel after being adjusted. I would highly recommend Jack who is helpful and friendly. Thank you Jack!”
– Becky

“With my line of work I am doing lots of heavy lifting and a lot of stress on my back. I started seeing Dr. Jack after a shoulder issue. With the treatment he provided any issues I had disappeared. I have recommended numerous people to Jack and every person that has gone has come back to me saying how much he has helped them. Thanks Jack!”
– Tom

“I have been a patient of Dr. Jack’s for over 10 years, people often say “he can’t be that good if you have been seeing him that long”, quite the opposite, I’ve been seeing him that long BECAUSE he is that good and genuinely cares about his patients…Jack has seen me through many knocks, niggles and injuries, he always gives me the treatment and advice I need to keep me strong and healthy, mentally as well as physically”
– Nathan

“Dr. Jack dealt with my health issue brilliantly. He also gave me great advice in order for me to continue to improve.”
– Patricia

“We have been seeing Dr. Jack for treatment for us both since my son was 5 weeks old.  Not only is Jack fantastic with him, but his feeding and sleep have definitely improved, as well as my aches and pains since giving birth.  Would highly recommend to anyone, thank you!”
– Jess

“I came to see Dr. Jack after suffering a back injury from playing rugby which had affected my work.  After just a few sessions it has hugely improved and I feel so much better.  Recommending to everyone.  Thank you.”
– James

“Seeing Dr. Jack on a regular basis has helped me continue with more power and strength for my love of running and exercise.”
– Sophie

“Dr. Jack’s passion and enthusiasm for his work is second to none and would highly recommend anyone needing help with any injury or general well being support.”
– Jane